WhatsApp Plus APK Download (Official) Latest Version February 2024

If you are looking for the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about this app and how to download and install it on your phone. But first, let me explain what WhatsApp Plus APK is and why you might want to use it. WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app that offers more features and customization options. You can change the theme, font, privacy settings, and more with WhatsApp Plus APK. You can also send larger files, hide your online status, and use multiple accounts with this app.

To download WhatsApp Plus APK, you need to follow some simple steps that I will provide in this article. You also need to make sure that your phone is compatible with this app and that you have enough storage space. You also need to backup your chats and uninstall the official WhatsApp app before installing WhatsApp Plus APK. I hope this article will help you understand what WhatsApp Plus APK is and how to use it. I will also give you my opinion on this app at the end of the article. So, keep reading and enjoy using WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone.

WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus is a modded app that gives you more control and options over your WhatsApp experience. You can customize your app with different themes, fonts, and icons. You can also enjoy more privacy and security features, such as hiding your last seen, online status, and blue ticks. You can also send and receive larger files, use multiple accounts, and access more emojis and stickers with WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus was created by a senior XDA member named Rafalete, who wanted to enhance the original WhatsApp app with more functions and features. He modified the source code of the official WhatsApp app and added some extra features that many users have been requesting for a long time. However, WhatsApp Plus is not an official app and it is not endorsed by WhatsApp Inc. Therefore, you need to be careful when using this app and follow the instructions carefully.

WhatsApp Plus Download Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

App NameWhatsApp Plus
File Size69 MB
Last Update59 Minutes Ago

Why Did the Need for WhatsApp Plus Occurred?

WhatsApp is a popular app that allows you to communicate with your friends and family over the internet. You can send text messages, voice notes, photos, videos, and more with WhatsApp. You can also create groups, broadcast lists, and status updates with WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp has some limitations and drawbacks that might bother you. For example, you might want to see the messages that someone deleted before you could read them. Or you might want to save the status updates that you liked. Or you might want to hide your online status or last seen from others. These are some of the features that WhatsApp does not offer.

That’s why WhatsApp Plus APK was created by a developer who wanted to improve the official WhatsApp app with more features and options. WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that gives you more control and customization over your app. You can change the theme, font, icon, and notification sound of your app. You can also enable anti-delete messages, status downloader, always online, and more features with WhatsApp Plus APK.

WhatsApp Plus APK is based on the official WhatsApp app, but it has some extra features that make it more fun and convenient to use. However, WhatsApp Plus APK is not an official app and it is not supported by WhatsApp Inc. Therefore, you need to be careful when using this app and follow the instructions properly.

Developers of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers more features and customization options for users. It was originally developed by AlexMods, who wanted to enhance the user experience of WhatsApp with more functions and themes. WhatsApp Plus became very popular among users who were looking for more control and privacy over their chats.

However, WhatsApp Plus also faced some challenges from other developers who tried to create their own versions of the app. Some of these versions were not successful, but some managed to gain a loyal fan base. Two of these versions are WhatsApp Plus by HeyMods and Blue WhatsApp Plus by Fouad Mods.

WhatsApp Plus by HeyMods was a version that followed the original WhatsApp Plus by AlexMods closely. It had similar features and design, but also added some improvements and bug fixes. However, this version was discontinued by the developer due to some issues.

Blue WhatsApp Plus by Fouad Mods is another version that is still active and updated. This version has a distinctive blue theme and some extra features that are not available in the original WhatsApp Plus. Some of these features are anti-delete messages, custom fonts, and more emojis.

Difference Between Official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus App

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp that has many extra features that the official app does not have. For example, you can customize the appearance, privacy, and notifications of WhatsApp Plus according to your preferences.

One feature that makes WhatsApp Plus stand out is the flight mode option. This option allows you to turn off the internet connection for WhatsApp Plus only, without affecting other apps. This way, you can avoid being disturbed by WhatsApp messages when you are busy or need some peace of mind.

Is WhatsApp Plus Better than the Original WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial app that adds more features to WhatsApp, such as customization, privacy, and notification options. However, it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

One of the main disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus is that it does not guarantee your privacy from its developers. They may be able to access your data and monitor your activities on the app. This can be a serious concern if you value your privacy and security. On the other hand, the official WhatsApp respects your privacy and does not share your data with third parties.

Another drawback of WhatsApp Plus is that it may not be compatible with the latest updates of WhatsApp. This can cause some problems with the functionality and performance of the app. You may also face the risk of being banned by WhatsApp for using an unauthorized app.

Therefore, if you want to use WhatsApp Plus, you should do it with caution and only for a secondary number. This way, you can enjoy the extra features without compromising your privacy and security on the main WhatsApp app.


Theme Facilitation: One of the features that makes WhatsApp Plus different from the original app is the theme facilitation. You can customize the entire user interface of WhatsApp Plus with various themes. You can change the colors of the text, buttons, and graphics to suit your taste. The original app does not offer any customization options.

WhatsApp Plus has a large collection of themes that you can choose from. There are more than 700 themes available in WhatsApp Plus. You don’t have to download them separately. WhatsApp Plus automatically downloads and sorts them by name, date, and version.

Hide media from the gallery: If you value your privacy and security, you may want to keep your media files from WhatsApp hidden from the gallery app. The gallery app shows all the images and videos that you send and receive on WhatsApp. This can expose your personal or sensitive media to others who may access your phone.

WhatsApp Plus has a feature that can help you with this. It allows you to hide your media from the gallery app. This way, you can protect your media from unwanted viewers. You can still view your media on WhatsApp Plus, but they will not appear on the gallery app.

Pin Chat: If you have many chats on WhatsApp that you want to keep track of, you may find the official app limiting. You can only pin up to three chats on the top of your chat list. This can make it hard to find the important messages that you don’t want to miss.

WhatsApp Plus APK has a solution for this problem. It allows you to pin up to 1000 chats on your chat list. This way, you can access your favorite chats easily and quickly. You don’t have to scroll through hundreds of chats to find the ones that matter to you.

Anti-Delete Message: Do you hate missing out on funny or important messages that your friends delete before you can see them? If you want to stop this from happening, you should try WhatsApp Plus. It has an amazing anti-delete feature that lets you keep the messages that others delete. Download it now and enjoy the full conversation!

Improved multimedia sharing: Sharing your photos and videos with your friends on WhatsApp should be fun and easy, but sometimes it can be frustrating. You may have noticed that your files lose their quality and detail when you send them on WhatsApp. Or you may have struggled to send large files or long videos because of the size limit. That’s why you need WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus is a new and improved version of WhatsApp that lets you share multimedia files with no restrictions on size or quality. You can send files up to 50 MB and videos up to 7 minutes without having to compress them or split them into parts. Download WhatsApp Plus today and enjoy the best way to share your memories!

Emoji variants: Emojis are a fun way to express yourself and add some color to your messages. But did you know that you can customize your emojis with WhatsApp Plus? WhatsApp Plus lets you choose from 6+ different styles of emojis, each with their own unique design. You can switch between them anytime you want, and enjoy a new look for your favorite emojis. Do you want to see how they look? Download WhatsApp Plus now and give it a try!

WhatsApp Lock: Security is one of the most important features of any messaging app. You don’t want anyone to access your private chats or see your personal information. That’s why WhatsApp Plus has a built-in WhatsApp Lock that lets you protect your app with a PIN, a pattern, or a fingerprint. You can also lock specific conversations that you want to keep extra secure. With WhatsApp Plus, you don’t need to download any other app to lock your WhatsApp. You can enjoy peace of mind and privacy with just one app. Download WhatsApp Plus now and experience the ultimate security!

Professional Customization: Do you want to make your Android phone look and feel exactly how you want it? Do you wish you could change every aspect of your user interface, from the top to the bottom? If you do, then you will love WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of WhatsApp that gives you professional customization features, without requiring you to root your phone. You can customize your header, your footer, and everything in between. You can choose from different themes, fonts, colors, icons, and more. You can make your WhatsApp Plus unique and personal, just like you. Download WhatsApp Plus now and unleash your creativity!

Scheduling Messages: Do you want to send messages to your friends and family on special occasions, but don’t want to forget or miss the right time? If you do, then you will appreciate WhatsApp Plus APK. WhatsApp Plus APK has a wonderful feature that lets you schedule messages in advance. You can choose the date, time, and recipient of your message, and WhatsApp Plus APK will send it automatically. You can schedule messages for any event, festival, or day, and make sure you always stay in touch with your loved ones. Download WhatsApp Plus APK now and enjoy this amazing feature!

Hide Online: Sometimes, you may want to chat with someone on WhatsApp without letting others know that you are online. Maybe you are busy, or you need some privacy, or you just don’t feel like talking to anyone else. Whatever the reason, you can use WhatsApp Plus to hide your online status from anyone you want. WhatsApp Plus has a Hide Online MOD that lets you chat with anyone without showing that you are online. You can enjoy your conversation without worrying about being seen by others. Download WhatsApp Plus now and try this awesome feature!

History & Logs: Another amazing feature that WhatsApp Plus APK offers is the ability to track and record all the activities on your account with History & Logs. This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp app. You can use this feature to monitor and manage your account in various ways.

WhatsApp Icons: With WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy free WhatsApp icons that are not available in the official WhatsApp app. You can choose from over 10 hilarious WhatsApp icons that will make your friends and family laugh when they see your WhatsApp notifications.

What’s New in the Updated Version

  • [Fixed] Chat screen gets crushed on some devices
  • [Fixed] Issues that caused the app to freeze and could not be used
  • [Fixed] Calling via phone call option sometimes returns the wrong number
  • [fixed] issue with blue voice feedback icon on the home screen
  • [Fixed] MOD Backup folder takes up a lot of storage space
  • [FIXED] Translate messages shows a copied message
  • [fixed] false anti-virus/anti-malware reports
  • [fixed] mute indicator in row
  • [fixed] Widget opens without AppLock
  • [Added] Status instantly displays a toast (Edit > Home screen) when people view your status
  • [Added] Buttons to scroll a message down (newest) and up (oldest) in the All Messages view
  • [Added] Save to gallery option when media visibility is off
  • [Added] Possibility to set “Search the web” or use emoji for the profile picture
  • [Added] Show the total number of messages in all messages display
  • [Added] In-app translation
  • [Enabled] New privacy setting for last-seen photos and profiles (except contacts).
  • [Enabled] More options for disappearing messages (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days)
  • [Enabled] Feedback feature (long press on any message)
  • [Enabled] Pause and resume recording voice notes
  • [Enabled] New Contact Profile UI Design

Requirements to Download WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus APK is an amazing app that you can download on your phone to enjoy more features and functions than the original WhatsApp. However, before you proceed to download it, you need to check if your phone meets the following requirements:

  • Your phone should be an android device, as WhatsApp Plus is not compatible with iPhones or other operating systems.
  • Your phone should have the option of unknown sources enabled in the settings, as this will allow you to install the app from a third-party site.

If your phone does not fulfill these requirements, you will not be able to download WhatsApp Plus on your device.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus APK File?

“Downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone is very easy. You just need to make sure that your phone meets the requirements mentioned above. Then, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the download link to get WhatsApp Plus.
  • Choose the download path when a pop-up appears.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Go to your phone’s download manager and find the APK file you downloaded.
  • Tap on it to install it.
  • If it asks you to allow installation from unknown sources, say yes or go to your phone’s settings and enable unknown sources.
  • After the installation is done, open the app and enjoy using it.”


This article has given you a clear overview of WhatsApp Plus, an app that you may not have heard of before. WhatsApp Plus APK offers many features that make it stand out from the original WhatsApp app. Are you curious to try this app and see how it works? Just hit the download button and enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp Plus.


How do I download WhatsApp Plus?

it is very easy to download WhatsApp Plus. You just have to click on the download button that you will see at the top of this page. Then wait for the downloading process to get completed. After this, simply install the app and use it.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a third-party application that allows its users to use more features than the official WhatsApp. As this app is based on WhatsApp that’s why you will find WhatsApp Plus APK similar to the original app.

Why WhatsApp Plus is Getting Popular?

As we mentioned, people are using this app more and more because it offers many great features. This is the reason that led this app to get more popular than other mods. People are liking its features which are not available in the official version of the WhatsApp app.

What Features are Provided by WhatsApp Plus?

You will find many features in this app that will be like you such as hiding your last seen or anti-delete messages and status. Moreover, you can change your WhatsApp look and theme by going to the customization option.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus?

If you encounter a situation where your WhatsApp Plus becomes outdated, then you will need to come to this page and click on the download button. To not get confused, bookmark this page and come whenever your app needs to be updated.

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